Windroy: A Better Android Emulator for Windows

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Hey there fluffy buddies, it has been a year now since I wrote something to the world and to you. As I went out to the outside world; far away from the comfort from my very warm work couch and my ever lively workstation, I noticed that the number of mobile apps released per period of time really skyrocketed. If you are a really technology-inspired person like my brother Techie Tony which translates to being geeky(just sort of), then trying these new apps is already a serious hobby.

Who needs it?
Let's face it. Not all of us really wanted to own an Android device which is why iOS is still alive. Nevertheless, there are still some goood stuff that we like to try on an Android device. Due to some Apple restrictions, there are apps on Android devices that are not yet on iOS devices. Sometimes the same app comes free on Android and not on iOS. We also like the fact that mobile apps come simplier than web/desktop apps and this thing add up to the reasons why we want to use an Android emulator. To make this introduction short I give you Windroy(formerly called WindowsAndroid).

Why Windroy?
Windroy, an emulator made by SocketeQ in Beijing, China to make use of the Windows OS and it's hardware performance leverage to give your emulated Android system a blast of extra power. Plus these other stuff you might need to know about:

  1. Can run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  2. Has exactly the same user experience with the original Android.
  3. Integrated with Windows’ applications, such as Flash and Windows Media Player, etc.
  4. Supports any UI resolution, such as 1920x1080.
  5. Supports window mode or full-screen mode, window scaling in window mode, and switching between window mode and full screen mode.
  6. Supports IO devices such as mouse, keyboard, remote control.
  7. Supports Ethernet, pppoe.

Although existing Android Layers such as Bluestacks and YouWave can already run Android apps, but they don't really act like a real Android device. This is how Windroy came to be more useful than those two except that it still does not have Google Playstore installed into it and you still have to transfer the APK file to "C:\Windroy\windroy_root\data\app folder" to install the application.

Windroy at this time of writing is having Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich but the developers from SocketeQ are actively working on a Jellybean update which will be released anytime soon.

The video below even it is still at it's WindowsAndroid version can already demonstrate the cool capabilities of the program.

You can download the Windows installer from their Google Drive account here to get started. The installation procedure is already so trivial due to the fact that there will be no necessary config to consider. Thus, I won't cover it anymore. The only thing you may consider is the default resolution of the program in window mode which is to to set main window size, set an environment variable WINDROY_RESOLUTION=widthxheight(e.g. WINDROY_RESOLUTION=800x600).

Hope you find this share useful fluffy buddies and use it for your learning and enjoyment~ Remember to keep our heads stuffed!

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