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Imangi Studios in partnership with Disney mobile has released another Disney-themed Temple Run game! Now is it enough to capture our hearts? Read on Fluffies, read on.

Temple Run : Oz has now followed Temple Run 2's gameplay experience with the settings and some added bonus. In an obvious and a very typical Oz fashion, your monsters are the winged monkeys. In addition to the monkey running behind you, there is the occasional winged pest that swoops down and tries to capture you. Another worth noting, is the jump obstacles. There are some objects that just fall down as you go near to them, making you need to jump over them. The mine part in Temple Run 2 is translated to Oz' balloon and avoiding the emerald peaks.

A word of advice to all of you, if you have the "old" iOS devices (e.g. iPod Touch 4th gen) you are definitely in for a lag time. This is not for the patient and the idealistic ones. The game crashes before you start playing it, and if you're lucky enough, you'll be able to play for at most 30 minutes before it closes up. We are actually not quite sure why the Brave and Oz version are heavier and more lag.. (Just a little thought, is it because.... Let's leave it at that!) We only have one android device and that is the Samsung Galaxy S2, so the lag doesn't show up until you get to higher scores. At least not all "old" android users would experience that lag like the iOS "old" devices.

The heavy graphics started with Temple Run : Brave and followed up with Temple Run 2. It was a different kind of heavy, despite using only an iPod Touch 4th gen, we were able to get an almost as wonderful experience with the iPod Touch 5th gen! Temple Run : Oz is worse. Using the iPod Touch 4th I can barely make it past the intro!!! I did manage to get into the game about 5 times in the last 5 hours. Frustrated? VERY. I did manage to take some screenshots (check it out on the gallery below!)

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

Let us know what you think of the new game and are you willing to pay the 99 cents in both the App store and Google Play?

Keep your heads stuffed!

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[Image Source : Google Play]